Healing begins at home. 

Dr. Rashiah Elam is a New York-based Integrative Family Medicine physician and specialist in Addiction Medicine with a focus on the mind body connection.

Integrative Medicine

How is it different from traditional medicine?

Integrative Medicine addresses the whole person — both the symptoms and the root causes of medical issues. Dr. Elam integrates typical treatment and diagnostic processes of family medicine with individualized alternative treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, herbs and supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Is Integrative Medicine For You?

Dr. Elam’s practice may be right for you if:

  • You want to be well, but don’t know where to start

  • You believe that with the right tools and guidance you can manage your own healthcare 

  • You want to listened to and not feel as if you are being rushed

  • You detest doctors’ offices, long wait times, and Mon-Fri/9-5 hours

  • You feel anxious about opening up to someone about your true health concerns and beliefs

The Process

Step 1: Contact our office.

Step 2: We will provide on the spot triage for your medical needs, and—depending on the urgency of your problem—schedule a same day or future appointment at your home or via telemedicine. 

During this appointment, we will determine the need for simple conventional or integrative care, and whether further medical attention is warranted.

Step 3:  Once we have a plan to get you feeling better, we will schedule a follow up appointment if needed. 

We Meet You Where You Are

Our signature care visits involve a comprehensive intake with patient-led exploration. While going to a traditional doctor’s office means you often spend only ten minutes with the physician, Dr. Elam is able to dedicate thorough time with patients. Patients work with Dr. Elam to build an in-depth timeline of their medical history that includes internal and external factors such as family history, nutrition, environment, and mental health. Diagnosis, treatment options, and follow up are incorporated into your care plan. 

Get in Touch

Dr. Elam is like having a doctor in the family; she empowers patients to view their health, lives and themselves in a different way.  

To schedule an appointment or reach out with questions, please send us an email at or call (845) 535-1322.