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Broke Your Resolutions Already? Try this!

Healthy habits are at the top of the list for many of our New Year's resolutions. Healthiness and habits are both wonderful, but how healthy are we in how we go about making (and breaking) our resolutions?

Instead of creating a dozen unrealistic goals and beating yourself up because three days in you.are.done. with that couch to 10k plan, or overnight 100% organic non gmo gluten/sugar free diet, why not think about resolving simply to commit to yourself!

This piece so wonderfully says "perhaps this is the year you strive for internal rearrangement. Maybe you will find that when you put that first, the rest sort of falls into place."

In 2019, I think we can all agree that stress is a killer. Common sense, experience and even science tell us so. The stress that results from breaking commitments to ourselves, and the cycle of inevitable self sabotage that follows is as damaging as whatever problem we are trying to solve in the first place.

Make this the year you resolve to create the habit of self commitment.