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Reiki for stressed out kids

Relaxation is of the most commonly reported benefits of Reiki treatment, something most of us seek in today's stress making world. This may be why, with the recent upsurge in popularity of Reiki, a new generation of practitioners is emerging.

Bias alert, Reiki practice is built into the foundation of our family - myself, my husband and our son practice Reiki.

This piece covers this topic, diving into the world of New York moms (including me!) who turn to Reiki to help their children.

Frankie, a 13 year old teen and Reiki practitioner who is featured in the article, discusses how Reiki has helped him with school pressure.

He says:

“It’s a nice way to relax and calm down for at least a half-hour. It gets all the bad stuff out of the way, and you think of nothing. It clears your mind...For the first few days it was hard because it was a new habit, but after I did it I noticed how much better I felt...”

Any mom can attest to the challenge of getting a 13 year old to put their socks in the hamper or practice the piano, let alone devote 30 minutes to sitting in stillness.

But there is something about the simplicity of Reiki that allows even an over-scheduled big apple teen to easily integrate the practice into a busy schedule, and immediately feel the benefits.

What's in your family's stress busting toolkit?